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The Oregon Fire Code, within the jurisdiction of the City of Millersburg, shall be amended as follows:



Appeals: To determine suitability of alternate materials and types of construction and to provide for reasonable interpretations of the provisions of this Code, there shall be and hereby is created a Board of Appeals consisting of three members: the Fire Chief, the Millersburg City Manager, and the Millersburg Assistant City Manager/City Engineer, all of whom are qualified by experience and training to pass judgment upon pertinent matters. The Fire Chief shall act as secretary of the Board. The Board of Appeals shall mean Fire Department Board of Appeals and be appointed by the executive body and shall hold office at their pleasure. The Fire Department Board of Appeals shall adopt reasonable rules and regulations for conducting its investigations and shall render decisions and findings in writing to the Fire Chief, with a duplicate copy to the appellant.


Permit Required: A permit shall be obtained from the Life Safety Division prior to engaging in the following activities, operations, practices, or functions:

(a) Aboveground and Underground Tank Installations: To install tanks for the storage of flammable or combustible liquids aboveground and underground.

(b) Removal or Decommissioning Tanks: To remove or decommission above- or below-ground flammable or combustible liquid tanks.

(c) Fireworks for Retail Sales, Display, and Storage: Requirements for fireworks shall comply with Chapter 56 and the Office of the State Fire Marshal.



(a) Approved numbers or addresses shall be placed on all new and existing buildings in such a position as to be plainly visible and legible from the street or road fronting the property. Letters, numbers, and symbols indicating addresses shall be a minimum of 4 inches (101.6 mm) in height with ½ -inch (12.7-mm) stroke, shall be contrasting with background letters, numbers, and symbols indicating addresses, shall be a minimum of 4-inch, colors, and shall be visible from the road.

(b) Mall facilities are required to have each separate business clearly identified.

(c) Mall facilities shall post addresses on front and rear access doors.

(d) Each mall owner/lessee shall provide the Fire Department a location site plan for firefighting purposes.

(e) Buildings under new construction are required to display visible street addresses prior to ground-breaking.


(a) Fire lane: When any portion of the facility or building is in excess of 150 feet from a water supply on a public right-of-way as measured by an approved route around the exterior of the facility or building, the Fire Chief may designate a fire lane.

(b) Grade: The gradient for fire apparatus access roads shall not exceed 12%, and for every 1,000 feet of incline thereafter, the grade shall be reduced by 3% or as approved by the Fire Chief.

Exception: When an approved fire sprinkler system is installed and maintained, grade may be increased as approved by the Fire Chief.


When access to or within a structure or an area is unduly difficult because of secured openings; or where immediate access is necessary for life-saving or firefighting purposes; or in structures with fire detection, fire sprinkler, and fire monitoring systems, the Fire Chief is authorized to require a key box to be installed in an approved accessible location. The key box shall be of a type approved by the Fire Chief and shall contain keys to gain necessary access.


Fire Department connections (FDCs) and fire sprinkler water supply control valves: such valves and connections shall be located 1½ times the height of the structure away (out of the collapse zone) or as far away as feasible. The FDC is to be located no closer than five feet to a hydrant, but no farther away than 40 feet.

(Ord. 140 § 1, passed 11-13-2018)